Love Football? Become a Football Coach and Earn as much as $200,000 a Year!

Would you like to develop a full-time career helping to change the way football is thought of, trained and promoted in AUSTRALIA?

At Socatots & Brazilian Soccer Schools it is our mission to improve the coaching, mentoring and development of children throughout Australia. This is your opportunity to enter the Sports industry, without having to accept, often unsustainable pay levels and limited career progression. We offer the highest possible quality education and continuous development to all of our franchisees and coaches.

Why Choose to Work with SOCATOTS & Brazilian Soccer Schools?

Unlike a lot of franchise companies, Socatots & Brazilian Soccer Schools only thrive on your success, the decision of whether to run a franchise must be right for both you and us, which is why we do not hard sell or exaggerate our earning claims. What we do want are highly motivated and exceptionally talented individuals to run franchises.


What our Franchise Owners say

Our Friends and Graduates

Futebol de Salão initially acted as a springboard for the international careers of Brazilian football stars, such as Rivelino, Zico, Careca and above all, Juninho. Since the UKCFDS exported these methods to the UK in 1996 many more players but also coaches have been positively developed and gone on to have professional careers doing what they love:

  • Micah Richards – Former England International;
  • John Farnworth – World and European Football Freestyle Championships, holder of 5 Guinness World Records;
  • Ryan Fraser – Bournemouth FC, Scotland International;
  • Indie Cowie – Guinness World Record holder, Football Freestyler;
  • Marlon Fossey – Fulham FC, USA U20 International;
  • Abby Towers – Sunderland AFC Ladies, England Ladies;
  • Peter Pawlett – Dundee United, Scotland U21 International;
  • John Bostock – Toulouse FC;
  • Ben Wrigglesworth – ‎European Scout, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC;
  • Kristian Wilson – Performance Coach,  OGC Nice;
  • Cole Kiernan – Sunderland AFC;
  • John Herdman – Head Coach, Canada men’s national soccer team;
  • Peter Sturgess – FA National Development Coach;
  • Michael Beale – First Team Coach, Rangers FC;
  • Aiden White – Heart of Midlothian FC, Republic of Ireland U21.

and many more.

“The whole Futebol de Salão thing really interests me because it is a different way of teaching kids to play the game. They’ve been doing it in Brazil for years and they are one of the best teams in the world, so there must be something in it for England, it could well be the way forward.”

Michael Owen

Former England International

“I cannot believe what I see with Brazilian Soccer Schools and SOCATOTS, it is amazing and it is something completely different and very special. It will have so many benefits for football and for kids in general. Socially, physically and technically I can see this, having such a positive influence for future generations across the world.”

Carlos Alberto "Capita" Torres

Brazilian former footballer (Born :17 July 1944 – 25 October 2016)

“Brazilian Soccer Schools gave me a great introduction to my coaching career and allowed me to remain open minded about many things within the game. This together with Socatots is a great concept and route for young coaches to take into the game. From a personal point of view working within a franchise also allowed me to experience many other important things such as building up my hours working with children at the grassroots level, acting as a mentor for them as well running the business side of things such as marketing and taking responsibility for my own schedule of classes.”

Kristian Wilson

Performance Coach, OGC Nice

“Players touching the ball 600 percent more often learn far faster, without realising it, than they would in the vast, bouncy expanse of the outdoor game.”

Daniel Coyle

Author, The Talent Code

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What does the average Franchise look like?

On average each regional centre operates with 300 children attending weekly sessions. Some of our more established and highest earning centres which have been running 5-10 years have between 650-1000 players attending weekly sessions. As you can see above, our coaching syllabuses have also helped many players and coaches alike, enter the professional game of football.

At the above levels of customer numbers successful applicants can fulfil for what many is the dream of working with children on a full time basis and achieving the feel good factor of doing something positive for society as a living.

Financial Details

Investment Cost

FDS AUSTRALIA offers low-cost franchise opportunities with a high return on investment potential for someone with a strong desire to succeed. The following table should help outline a full costings picture for anyone looking to invest in a franchise.

Initial Franchisee Fee*, including:
• territorial exclusivity
• intellectual property rights
• access to coaching know how
• business support tools
• ongoing business and
leadership consultancy
$25,000 At signing of Franchisee agreementFDS AUSTRALIA
Uniform stock$6000Before openingFDS AUSTRALIA
Coaching Equipment$2000 Before openingFDS AUSTRALIA
Training Week Expenses$500Before openingFDS AUSTRALIA
Insurance & Office Set Up$4000 Before openingThird party
3 months cash flow reserve:$3000As incurredYou Determine

Total Estimated Minimum Start-Up Costs: $40,500 + GST

* the initial franchisee fee varies according to the size of the territory awarded and the different economic indicators in each area. The area modelled in the above costings table is set to an area of 100,000 in population numbers.

Earning Potential

The amount you earn is quite frankly up to you. Running to one of our business models a franchise with 300 children we estimate a conservative turnover of over $200,000 per annum. This is not guaranteed, it could be more, or it could be less. We encourage you to aspire to a lot more and can tell you how to do it.

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SOCATOTS is a leading provider of early learning football-related physical development activities for young children aged between six months and five years. It offers a unique approach designed around systematic training sessions involving parents’ active participation. SOCATOTS presents a complete program full of popular, fun and engaging activities for children and their parents.

SOCATOTS’ mission is to engage more and more children in physical activity, using football as a medium. We teach basic movement patterns, balance and motor coordination. Most important, we ensure that physical activity is fun. Everything we do is centred around helping children develop first as people, then as sports enthusiasts.

The benefits are as follows:

    Our program supports a child’s overall physical development, as well as helping them develop intellectually. All classes are run under the guidance of experienced coaches.
    We encourage children to enjoy physical activity, showing them how to train safely and responsibly. We instil a feeling that exercise is beneficial and healthy.
    In SOCATOTS sessions children socialise with other children of their own age. They learn to share and cooperate, and to be creative in the way they perform their tasks. Both boys and girls participate in classes.
    SOCATOTS is unique – no other programme offers such fully-rounded development from the age of six months to five years. All activities are carefully designed to be age-appropriate, and are set up so that children can participate in physical activity all year round.
    Activities are fun and enjoyable, and structured to introduce children to the idea of participating in organised activity.
    Parents’ involvement in the sessions increases the children’s self-confidence and self-esteem, whilst strengthening the emotional bond between child and parent.
    We take account of each child’s needs and progress, celebrating their successes and helping them overcome any areas they find more challenging.
    SOCATOTS develops sound ball skills in both feet. At the same time, we teach the importance of fair play and abiding by the rules.

Brazilian Soccer Schools

BRAZILIAN SOCCER SCHOOLS is a grassroots football organisation with a worldwide network of coaches that has the unified objective of providing a unique but structured football education to children from the ages of 5-18. This is achieved through a specifically designed syllabus of 200+ individual core movements and skills, which are taught and evaluated using our proprietary method of assessment, the Skills Badge Scheme.


Our training philosophy, put simply, is for players to become technically competent with the ball, work to develop the required physical components before going on to excel in game situations. We aim to continue raising the bar of player development to levels not seen, perhaps not yet dreamed of, creating the complete eleven-a-side player.

Our program is of a long term nature with the emphasis initially placed on the individual rather than a team methodology. We believe the game should first be seen as an individual pursuit and complete domination and mastery of the tool of the game, the ball, be attained before the player moves into game play.

BSS Founder Simon Clifford drew the analogy with music in that a young and aspiring musician would spend a minimum of three or four years perfecting and developing the command of their instrument before being invited to perform in an orchestra.

The individual nature of Brazilian Soccer Schools training is supplemented by an increased number of training hours, where through constant repetition players can refine and improve both basic and complex skills. Futebol de Salão allows the core moves and skills taught and assessed in sessions to be integrated into the insanely fast, tightly compressed & highly pressurised environments of junior & youth 5-a-side futsal or 7-a-side football.

Working with a smaller (size 2) and heavily weighted (10% rebound) Futebol de Salão ball, which is particularly essential in the early years, aids the accelerated and all round development of the individual in their competitive game situations. The small sided games & drills together with the specialist ball provides the best complete skill & attribute building environment for junior & youth 9-a-side & 11-a-side football.

As players grow older the focus is still very much on technical development alongside a far greater emphasis on physical training, game play and tactical training.

Conventional footballs (size 4 and 5) are used for longer passing, heading and shooting, alongside balls of other weights and varieties used to achieve specific learning outcomes. A size 1 and weighted ball has been designed to aid the development of our youngest players, whilst the slightly weighted (30% rebound) size 4 Futsal ball is used on grass to support older players converting their skills to the 11-a-side game.

Brazilian Soccer Schools’ training sessions vary in duration depending on age. A typical two-hour training session would be split into thirds constituting individual ball work, paired or group work and game play. The sessions and game play are of a very intense nature with little time for stopping or instruction.

Elite Brazilian Soccer School players are encouraged to train for two-hours each day within their regional program. Brazilian Soccer Schools also encourage players to devote an hour a day to individual practice working with a ball following the Brazilian Soccer Schools Skills Badge Scheme very much in the same way a musician would practising their instrument.

“I used to train at Brazilian Soccer Schools two or three times a week. We used a small ball, which was supposed to improve technique and touch, and it was a good thing to do, especially being a defender, as the better you are on the ball the better it is for your game. ”

Micah Richards
Former England International



The central aim of Brazilian Soccer Schools is to encourage all children to spend longer individual time working with the ball practising, improving, developing and perfecting their skills moves & ball mastery techniques using both feet in equal measure.

  • Emphasis on individual skills
  • Futebol de Salão/Small Sided Game focus
  • Increased personal time training with the ball
  • Physical, mental & tactical training


  • University of Northumbria carried out a study comparing training sessions at Brazilian Soccer Schools and those at a professional Football Club’s Academy. Whilst at training sessions, the percentage of time that the players were engaged “on task” was: Pro Club – 16%, Brazilian Soccer Schools – 53% (the average for elite sports coaching worldwide is around 20-30%). Of this “on-task” time, the following statistics were derived from the time spent undertaking “motor appropriate activities” – namely activities which will improve the players football at their appropriate level: Pro Club – 33%, Brazilian Soccer School – 92%.
  • Charles Buckley, Manchester Metropolitan University: Dr. Buckley compared the benefits of children training with Futebol de Salão to show a far greater improvement, particularly with the juggling and dribbling tests that were carried out. Dr. Buckley concluded that “Futebol de Salão, when compared to conventional approaches to soccer skill development appears to offer exciting potential for improving performance.
  • Per Game: % of time the ball is out of play Vs Touches Per Minute (TPM)
  1. 11-a-side: 34.62% Vs 0.60 TPM
  2. 7-a-side: 14.11% Vs 0.769 TPM
  3. 5-a-side: 1.78% Vs 2.73 TPM
  4. Futsal: 11.59% Vs 2.60 TPM
  5. Futebol de Salão: 5.12% Vv 7.95 TPM

Source: Academic research provided by the FA and FIFA research departments.

  • Iain Milligan, Andy Borrie and Rob Horn, Technical Analysis of Futebol de Salão and Mini-football.   

“The results from this study indicate that Futebol de Salão provides players with greater opportunities to perform basic football techniques compared to Mini-football. It is suggested that more effective participation through increased ball contact accelerates the acquisition of technique.”


Here are several compelling Testimonials from Parents who have expressed their experiences with our most successful & longest running Franchise in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney;

2010-2015 Testimonials

​”Dear NB BSS,

We’d like to thank you all immensely for your dedicated coaching and development of our son Charlie Entwistle over the last 9 months. We have no doubt that Charlie’s selection into the Central Coast Mariners Academy U10’s SAP is as a result of his training with the Northern Beaches Brazilian Soccer School.

In the July Winter School holidays of this year we decided to put Charlie, our son, into a Brazilian Soccer Schools holiday camp at Pittwater RSL. He enjoyed the camps so much he never wanted to leave. Towards the end  of the camp the coaching staff pulled us aside as they could see potential in Charlie, and they suggested that Charlie attend weekly regular training sessions with the Brazilian Soccer School to further develop his skills.  So we then carried on with further training on Tuesday nights. Charlie’s foot work and skills with a soccer ball just improved immediately and his desire to get better at juggling and do everything to impress his coaches just shone through. Charlie was excelling at the Tuesday night training sessions and so it was suggested that he attend the Academy Training Sessions as well on a Thursday night at Harbord Kickoff. So we did. The benefits of Charlie attending this Academy session with other highly skilled players were huge. He constantly strived to better his skills and could test them out against other very well equipped players.
And my greatest compliments to the coaching staff. Watching all these young boys listen to their coaches was amazing. I’ve coached myself for a few years and have never had the control of my players like these guys. The coaches are unbelievable. They take their time with the kids, show and tell them everything they need and want to hear.

We’d never heard of Futsal before. Ian asked us to trial Charlie at AIS at Narrabeen. Charlie went through the 3 trials and got down to the last 18.
Unfortunately Charlie missed out. But he did get a flash pair of Futsal boots which became his lifeline. He has to wear these to training every week and every time he had to put shoes on.

​Being local grassroots soccer club members at Forest Killarney FC and from one of those clubs not having any rep programs or development squads, we were unaware of the SAP system so they worked very hard on Charlie and wanted us to trial Charlie in one of these elite FFA programs. We chose the Central Coast Mariners Academy as we were moving up the coast for business. We trialled Charlie in the U9 SAP first as he is only 8. After the first trial, I was pulled aside by the coaching staff and was told Charlie’s foot work was too good as it’s a skills based squad, so they put him into the U10 SAP trials.  After all 3 trials, Charlie now plays for the Central Coast Mariners Academy U10’s team.

This is very exciting news for us and Charlie. We’d really like to thank BSS and the coaching team. Without their knowledge of the game and skills we would never have thought Charlie could have gone this far. Even though we now reside on the Central Coast, we are still travelling down to Sydney to finish off the term with NB BSS. We can’t miss out on the coaching these guys give. The Mariners program has started but Charlie just loves the programs BSS have created.
If any parent wants to see their kids football skills improve don’t hesitate on giving NB BSS a go.


Simon Entwistle“.


“I would just like to thank BSS for their amazing coaching over the last 2 years. You are doing great things for the area and take a real interest in the kids as individuals which is rare to find. Ben got into North Shore Mariners SAP Rep Squad, and I know that the skills he learnt with you were a big part of this!

Keep us posted for upcoming camps, etc. The new Development Squad programme sounds very exciting!

Thanks again, Kath”


“I think the new Academy and location will be brilliant! I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the coaching from you and your team. You’ve done a great job in developing Charlie as a player over the last 2 and a bit years. He is really looking forward to playing for Northbridge FC next year in there Elite Junior Development Program. Great that some of his team mates from BSS will be joining him! They can only go from strength to strength….Cheers



“Glad to see things’re going good on those beautiful Northern Beaches!

Also thrilled to see NBSS is going so well for you.

When we left Sydney you asked me to make sure Leo got some ‘proper’ training – so I wanted to fill you in where he’s at.  This kid might look good on your credentials some day….

In March of this year Leo travelled to Sydney with Wynton Rufer personally to represent his NZ Elite Academy.  They played a tournament in Blacktown and met with the Western Sydney football team.  This prior to Leo’s club season beginning.

Western Springs is my boys’ club in NZ, and they have a new Head Coach (dude called Neil Emblen, ex-EPL player and current All Whites Assistant Coach).  He’s breathed new life into the club.  Neil is mentoring the prem teams – Leo being in his 10th Grade prems – and subsequently started a Youth Academy, to which both Leo & Harper belong.

Back to Leo…

After participating in tournaments throughout the season & coming third overall in the Auckland Premier 10th grade, the team focus was always on the Nationals held in October.  Over the course of 3 days, the boys lifted their game/came together as a team and ended up with played 10, won 10.  Taking the finals 3-0 with young Leo playing the entire game and scoring 2 of the 3 goals.  NZ’s 10th Grade champions.

And now the winter season’s over Leo continues to play with Wynton Rufer Academy Saturday mornings, to train with Neil Emblen Academy twice a week, and adds in futsal on a Friday night for good measure.

Thanks for recognising that special drive in Leo.  FYI, when we were in Dubai Harper & Leo were inaugural members of the FCBarcelona Escola (Dubai), and Leo received similar comments to yours from his head coach – a gentleman named Josep Gombau – a name you may recognise from the A-League, as current Adelaide coach.  It always gives me immense satisfaction to keep you guys informed of how the little’uns are progressing.  I hope he does you proud!  Oliver & I continue to be impressed.

Hopefully within the next couple years you can add him onto your ‘I coached this one’ list!

All the best with things in gorgeous Sydney.

Take care,



​”My son Mitchell joined BSS in August 2012 after the Parents of one of his local club teammates recommended it. He attended the regular skills training sessions and was selected to play the Sunday games in the newly formed BSS FC playing in the Liga Academy competition during Term 4.

In these games he has played a year up in the under 9’s and the BSS coaching improved his skills immensely.

Just recently he trialled for the MWFA SAP U9 Squad and was selected along with his friend Tian mentioned above!

We seriously believe the time spent training and skills taught him at BSS gave him the edge for being selected. Playing practice games at the coaching sessions at BSS with older children have improved his skills and there is total respect for the younger players when playing with the older children. The coaches are all very positive and encouraging, which dramatically improves their confidence and techniques.

Mitch has requested that he continues to attend BSS through future Camps and training sessions wherever possible even though he will attend the elite FFA SAP pathway.

Sue Sutton“.

“On behalf of Tian, John and myself, we would like to thank you for allowing Tian to join the Northern Beaches Brazilian Soccer School that you have set up and coached this season. You have done an amazing job with all the kids (in all ages), and with the help of your assistant coaches (especially Marty Judge). Tian has enjoyed it immensely and has come away with more skills than when he started and hopefully that will help him become a better soccer player overall.

The opportunity to play with the squad has played a big part in Tian being successfully chosen in a squad of 20 training and playing in the FFA Skill Acquisition Programme run by Manly United. Tian has not only been able to learn to control the ball much more, but has enjoyed the whole experience you have provided, which credit should be given to yourself, and Marty for making the children feel so special.. We’re not sure where the Manly United FC SAP will go as yet, but are hopeful that the right sort of people are running it and developing these kids appropriately along the way.

Our best wishes and gratitude for all you have done for Tian thus far.

Shelly, John and Tian Rae“.

NBBSS NOTE: Tian Rae has been one of the best & consistent performers for his age group at Manly United FC in their BYL squads for the last few seasons.
Marty Judge has progressed through the FFA ranks after his first ever role in coaching with NB BSS as a 17 year old and is now current Australia U17s Joeys Assistant Coach.

“Joe started BSS at age 5. He has just been selected into the representative level Manly United U9 SAP squad with his mates Marin and Ryan (also BSS). All three benefited hugely from the BSS training, Holiday Camps, SIC Cup, NBFA Futsal Comps and BSS’s summer invitational Gala Days. They have also made a great network of friends From other schools and clubs.

Thanks BSS!

Rich Lacey“.

NBBSS NOTE: Joe Lacey & Marin France have been selected for Sydney FC U13 BYL Squad in 2020

2016 & 2017 Testimonials

“We would like to say a huge thank you to you and the BSS team for your coaching and support of Noah leading to his selection into Manly United’s Under 9 SAP Squad. Noah has had a fantastic year under your watch at BSS and along with all the other squad members has dramatically improved his ball skills and decision making ability as a result of your intensive coaching sessions. The passion and discipline that you and the team bring to the boys as well as your focus on developing their strengths as individuals is an absolutely credit to you. The training sessions as well as the opportunities to play in competitions at such a high level of football have made Noah’s skills improve beyond belief in just a year. Noah has made some great friends at BSS and we will all look back on this time as such a fantastic experience. We hope our association with you and your school continues for many years to come and wish you all the best of luck for the future.

Many thanks again, we are very grateful for everything you have done over the past year.

Andy and Roz Miller“.

“I wanted to thank you and your coaching team for the extraordinary level of development our son Noah has achieved over the past year in the BSS program. The level of consistent focus on skills and gameplay tactics has paid off immensely and we have seen Noah rapidly move through higher and higher levels of performance. I also wanted to thank you for ensuring the kids are playing regularly in competitive tournament environments which has increased the level of enthusiasm and interest Noah has in the game.

Although there will be and already are many more development and club opportunities for the BSS kids as they come through your program, we look forward to continuing with the BSS program as I see it playing an important and ongoing part of Noah’s development”.

Geoff  Greenburg“.

​”Our 9 year old son Oli Franz has been attending the soccer programs at BSS in the past 4 years. All BSS coaches, but particularly Coach Ian has assembled an enthusiastic and knowledgeable coaching staff. The soccer instruction is top notch and is presented to the young players in a way that will challenge them to improve, but is easily understood and fun to participate in. Training sessions are well planned and organized with great eyes on basic and fundamental skills. The children are moving every second, never standing still or wasting time. The coaches are fully involved in all of the coaching and instruct each and every player. As great as the soccer instruction is, what we are most pleased with and impressed by is the connection all of the coaches and the BSS players have made with our son. It is easy to see that the coaches not only have a passion for soccer, but also truly enjoy working with children. Through their interactions, the coaches have made a very positive impact on our son’ soccer skills resulting him to be selected to the SAP team of North Shore Mariners.

Renata and Tomas Franz“.

NBBSS NOTE: The following Testimonial is one of our favourite player transformations and 2017 success stories from very humble beginnings…….

“Thank you for the efforts you’ve put into moulding my son, Callum into the soccer player he is today!
It was only just two years ago when Callum attended your skills program at Warringah Rec Centre North Manly for term 4 and then term 1, the following year.
From there he trialled and gained a position for CC Strikers division one red team (a good start)….
After the winter comp and winning every single game, Callum then trialled and was accepted into your Development Program.
This is where he really started to absorb the beautiful game football. His overall skills, ability and game play really started to show!
Come the end of Callum’s second season with CC Strikers, he was scoring goals for fun every week.
Next was the biggest test by far!
Manly United Football Club SAP trials.
Callum was putting forward all he had learnt with the Brazilian Soccer School up against all the best boys on the Northern Beaches. He was up against Manly United’s existing SAP and Development squads from last year, plus all the best from the local winter comp teams.
After 4 separate trials lasting all week, Callum was invited to join Manly United Football Club SAP (rep soccer) U10 team for 2017… an absolute amazing achievement from a 9 year old who struggled to kick a ball just two years ago!
You have not only made a young boys dream come true but you have also made me one of the proudest dads who loves the game football.
I can’t honestly thank you and your team enough!! I don’t know where my boys’ career will take him? But I will always know where it started!!!
The Northern Beaches Brazilian Soccer School…

Thanks again
Jason Hillier“.

NBBSS NOTE: Callum Hillier has excelled in the Manly United SAP program and has now been selected for Manly United BYL U13s for 2020 and was very close to selection for Sydney FC.

“My son Ollie Burden started the BSS program early 2014 at the age of 10 during his 3 years with BSS he quickly developed and grew into a confident and most of all physically & mentally tough player.

He’s been playing Division 1 club football for 2 years, played 2 Kanga Cup Finals, won MVP Kanga Cup 2017, won NSW School State Futsal Championship 2017, Golden Boot SIC 2017 and just been selected for our local Rep Team Manly United in NSW BYL for 2018.

The introduction to this first class tactical and physical training at this age is vital for any young ambitious footballer, we highly recommend the BSS program to any parent looking for training at this level and believe me – parents alone can’t deliver this !

Just like to say a big thanks for BSS team for starting the ball rolling not only my sons development but for many more talented young BSS players

Steve Burden“.

NBBSS NOTE: Ollie Burden has now been selected for Sydney FC BYL U16 in 2020

2018 & 2019 Testimonials

“Harlow made the rep Manly Uniteds SAP squad! We just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for all your time spent with him over the passed few years. You have given him so many opportunities to extend and challenge himself and you have pushed him and praised him and always seen the best in him. From our experience BSS is a stand out for the squads and despite this opportunity, we’ll be making sure H still spends as much time with you as possible. We can’t talk highly enough of your coaching. The level of development speaks for itself when you see the number of BSS kids making the grades at Manly United. Thanks again. Best coach ever according to our boys!

Kate Graham“.

“We would like to thank all the coaching staff at BSS over the past year. Max started at BSS through the holiday camps in 2017 and then progressed into the development squad in 2018 where he became the player he is today. His skill level and his knowledge of the game has improved dramatically from the intensive coaching sessions. In one year Max has gone from playing at his local club to representing BSS at the Sydney International Cup (and winning every game!), playing in the new Premier Academy League for BSS, going to Brazil to play in the Ibercup next year also for BSS. And to top it off Max has gained selection in Manly SAP team for U9 – which is what he only dreamed of at the beginning of the year. Max will continue to be a part of the holiday camps this year and his little brother can’t wait to join BSS next year. Thanks again for everything – we really appreciate your passion and dedication in developing young players to be the best they can be.

Miranda & Matt Felton“.

“I just wanted to let you guys know how well the Development Squad has improved my kids performances on the field this year.

Having enrolled my 11 year old son and 13 year old daughter has given them the opportunity to train up to 3 times a week (with quality trainers and planned sessions), as well as club training on top of that. Training sessions are held rain or shine with the astro courts as a back up if turf fields are closed.

I have no doubt that my daughter would not have been able to accomplish being named in the MUFC GYL U14 squad for 2020 if it were not for her undertaking the NB  BSS Development Squad sessions, especially since she was not previously in the Manly United system.

Jason Muller“.

“We were introduced to BSS Northern Beaches two years ago when our eldest son joined the program. Since then our younger son has also become part of it. As a direct result, the boys’ skill level has improved dramatically and they’ve become cognisant that improvement comes through discipline, consistency and hard work. The coaches at BSS have been instrumental in instilling this into them.

George & Harry have been offered so many opportunities as a result of being part of the BSS Family. We were fortunate enough to go to Brazil in January 2019 on the BSS Iber Cup Tour where they had exposure to playing against some of the best teams in the world, as well as experiencing a vastly different culture. They’ve also been part of the Rizzo Cup, SIC Cup, Mongo Cup and have played for a year in the Premier Academy League. The teams have had great success in the cups and these are things that wouldn’t have been possible for the boys to participate in prior to this. They are now playing Futsal for BSS which is something new for them and they’re loving the different nature of the game.

Both of our boys have been accepted into the SAP program for 2020 at Manly United FC and we know that this wouldn’t have happened without the training and support they’ve received from BSS. A special shout out to the amazing coaches, in particular, Paulo, Bruno and Lucas who are exemplary role models to the younger children.

Gavin & Alexandra Russell“.


Let's talk business

Join the growing FDS AUSTRALIA network by opening and running your own business under the Socatots and Brazilian Soccer Schools banner.

Our comprehensive franchising system will help you in successful developing, growing and monitoring your business.

We pride ourselves on offering outstanding training and support for all areas of your business. We will be there to support you each step of the way as you achieve your goals.

    1. An access to integrated IT platform based on custom-made CRM System:

  • G Suite based email, calendar and document collaboration system
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    • 4. A personal contact with our most successful franchisees across the globe:
  • Annual International Coaching Weeks
  • Business Development Forums
  • Encouraged networking among fellow coaches
  • Inter-seasonal coaching and business development meetings
  • Common sourcing of equipment
  • Basic legal support

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Many prime territories are available within AUSTRALIA

The costs are not set in stone, but rather we split the areas into postcodes (eg 2000, 2095 etc) and we calculate the pricing by the volume of population eligible for you to recruit in the postcodes you choose to acquire. We award exclusive and protected territories, meaning no one can operate one of our Franchises in the Territories that you acquire.

Below we have an illustrated world map and general list showing the global reach of our current Socatots & Brazilian Soccer Schools network, who are all striving for the same vision.

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There are many qualities that we are looking for in each prospective Franchise applicant which we will set out below, but remember, we are always there to support our Franchise partners once the application process has been completed, and a Franchise awarded.

  1. A passion for working with children every day, and having a large part to play in their ongoing development
  2. Principles of coach development that match our own philosophies of how children should be educated and developed
  3. A thirst for hard work
  4. A willingness to follow the operations procedure that is recommended by us, and based upon previous success
  5. Experience of building and managing customer relationships

The Steps to Become a Franchisee

Initial Enquiry

You make an initial enquiry by filling in our contact form

Initial Call

The purpose of the initial call is to learn about one another and to answer any initial questions you may have. You should be prepared to provide your personal and professional background.

Evaluation Form

This form allows you to tell us more about yourself, and the reasons behind your passion for wanting to work with children.

AUCFDS Concept Presentation

Once we will review your form, we will schedule a time to give you more detailed information about the brands and our franchise opportunity .

Non Disclosure Agreement

You will be asked to sign a non disclosure agreement before scheduling a discovery day.

Discovery Day

You will have the unique opportunity to meet face to face with the team and watch some live classes in an operating territory.

Business Planning

We will teach how our business models work. Financial projections, demographic aspects and other operational topics will be discussed.

Franchisee Agreement Signed

After the steps followed above, we will sign the agreement and get to work on launching your new venture with you!

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Our Story

“I don’t want to copy Brazil, that would be pointless, I wanted us to be better”. Simon Clifford

SOCATOTS & Brazilian Soccer Schools have a long and illustrious history dating back to the formation of the latter way back in 1996. This predates majority owner Rupert Lowe’s involvement and below we will explore this story further.

Founder and former owner Simon Clifford’s initial research began in 1989 following a study into youth development in Holland, Spain, France, Italy and England.

Later Simon embarked upon a fact finding mission to Brazil with only a £6,000 loan, which resulted in what we think is a training system that gives committed and hardworking participants the best chance at succeeding as not only professional footballers but well-rounded individuals. The first Brazilian Soccer School was started in 1996, in Leeds. Simon had become friends with the Brazilian star Juninho, which helped lead to the discovery of the game of Futebol de Salão. During his first spell at Middlesborough FC Simon managed to persuade him to come down to the school that he taught at (Corpus Christ in Halton Moor, Leeds) to take part in a health week initiative that the school were running.

Juninho got involved with the football coaching that Simon was running for the school team, enjoyed it but at the end of the session he asked Simon, “When do the children play Futebol de Salão?” At this point Simon had no idea what the game was or its importance in the culture of Brazilian football. Juninho explained that children in Brazil were brought up first playing only with a small, heavy ball with no bounce (Futebol de Salão) before moving on to conventional football in their teenage years. Juninho was astounded that it was not also played in the UK and Simon was fascinated by the explanation of the game. Juninho arranged for some Futebol de Salão balls to be sent over for Simon to use.

The benefits to children’s technique were very easy to see and prompted Simon’s initial trip to Brazil to discover exactly what lay behind Brazil’s historical dominance of world football.

Later, in 2003 Simon developed the Socatots scheme that sees children between the ages of six months and five years taught basic movement and football skills in a pre-school type environment. The idea was conceived after Simon could not find any age appropriate activities for his daughter, Mary whilst she was in the preschool age group.

The next chapter in the history of the organisation came in December 2012 when Rupert Lowe, ex Chairman of Southampton FC and FA Board Member took full control and ownership over from Simon Clifford.

Under the new ownership structure plans are in place to undergo the next stage of expansion and we are very grateful for the continued hard work and support of the current family of franchisees who are helping to transport such a wonderful development product to children across the world.

Our Team

Fred Lowe: Managing Director: 

Fred has been working for SOCATOTS & Brazilian Soccer Schools in one way or another since 2010, when learning from founder, Simon Clifford. A graduate of Leeds University and FA Level 1 Qualified Coach, he has also spent time at Chelsea FC as a Marketing Intern in addition to previous experience of voluntary work for Garforth Town FC.

Rupert Lowe: Director:

Rupert was Chairman of Southampton Football Club in two spells from 1996 – 2006 and subsequently 2008-2009.

His main achievements included reaching the FA Cup Final in 2003, with consequent European Qualification for the club for the first time in nearly 20 years. Off the field he also secured the funding to develop the new St Mary’s stadium project in 2002 at a cost of £34 million, on time and on budget. He has also served on the board of the Football Association, Professional Game Board, Wembley National Stadium Limited and the Challenge Cup Committee.

His main vision, however, was borne out in the highly successful structure of the club’s youth academy that reached the FA Youth Cup Final in 2005 and has developed a track record of producing world class players, earning the club plaudits as well as millions of pounds in transfer fees in the process. The recipe for this model of success was in the recruitment of highly renowned youth coaching guru Georges Prost as well as a top class recruitment team and a local Hotel, Darwin Lodge to house the boys together. In terms of players produced, the results are there for all to see with England internationals Alex Oxlade – Chamberlain, Theo Walcott, Adam Lallana, Luke Shaw and Wayne Bridge all benefiting. This is not to mention the World’s most expensive player Gareth Bale, with dozens of others similarly inhabiting the professional league pyramid around the UK and beyond.

Rupert firmly believes in the syllabuses of Brazilian Soccer Schools and SOCATOTS, to bring great educational and sporting benefits to young people across the globe.


Will Partington: Head Coach, Brazilian Soccer Schools:

Will Partington is currently the Director of Socatots & Brazilian Soccer Schools Jersey as well as the Global Head Coach of Brazilian Soccer Schools worldwide.

Having been a long time admirer of founder Simon Clifford’s work Will spent a lot of time and effort tracking Simon down over 10 years ago to find out more about the now proven and highly regarded Brazilian Soccer Schools coaching programme. In the subsequent years Will made full use of his access to both the coaching syllabus and Simon’s yearly ICFDS coaching courses to ensure that he delivered the coaching syllabus to the best ability he could in his allotted franchise area of Jersey.

Will’s inaugural trip to Brazil was back in the days when he was a full English beach soccer international and spent time playing for the beach soccer teams of Vasco de Gama and Flamengo.

This was the first of what have now become annual research trips to Brazil, with Will now owning his own property in Rio de Janeiro. Over many years Will has immersed himself in the Brazilian culture and developed many friends within the Soccer industry and beyond out in Brazil. He has had trips to meet Jairzinho as well as visit Careca’s soccer school in Sao Paolo. This unrestricted access has continued to the present day where on his last visit he was given a free rein to observe the set up and coaching infrastructure within the Professional clubs Fluminense and Flamengo. Will even delivered his own even  sessions within their youth academies.

This has seen Will continue to build his coaching education and further explore the physical side of the game, combining this with the technique and flexibility displayed by players introduced to specific body and ball movements from a young age. In the midst of this journey Will has had so far had with Brazilian Soccer Schools he crossed paths with current owner Rupert Lowe when Simon Clifford accepted a job at Southampton FC with Sir Clive Woodward.


Paul Darton: Head Coach, Socatots:

In 2006 at the age of 16, Paul started his coaching career at a local football club which he used to play for. Purely by chance he later had the opportunity to enrol onto a football coaching course which was being run locally as someone had dropped out from the club he was working at, and consequently there was a spare place o the course. He has since gone on to complete the FA Level 2 qualification as well as the FA Youth Modules.

At  18 years old Paul began his journey with SOCATOTS and Brazilian Soccer Schools by working for  a previous franchisee in Bedfordshire as a part time job. However Paul has always wanted to pursue a full-time career in coaching, which is his passion in life.

Since he strongly believed in the methods and ethos of both the SOCATOTS & BSS programmes, in 2010 at the age of 20 he started doing some initial research into fulfilling this dream of coach football as a full time career. He decided get in touch with the team at Head Office about owning his own franchise. With some careful consideration and the backing of his parents who helped with an initial loan to help get the project started, at the age of 21, he signed a contract to become Franchise owner of ‘SOCATOTS Milton Keynes’ starting from April 2011.

Since then he has gone on to acquire a Brazilian Soccer Schools licence, as well as expanding his operation out to the areas of Leighton Buzzard & Buckingham. In 2017, Paul was appointed Head Coach of Socatots UK.

Franchisee Testimonials


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